Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School Sale

Just about everywhere you look right now, there's a sale for "Back to School." We didn't want to be left out. So today I am announcing PSA Essentials' Back to School Sale! Retailers can take 15% off the wholesale price of any PSA Essentials order from August 24 - August 29.  That's 15% off retail displays, 12 Gift Box Stamps, stocking up on inks, Peel & Stick packs, a stamp or embosser order, or note cards.  (Fine print: one time only and you may not combine this with any other offer or coupon.)

To all of our loyal retailers out there, thank you for your business! We hope you will enjoy this coupon for a little extra savings on your next order.  

Not a retailer? Want to shop PSA Essentials Personalized Stamps and Embossers? {CLICK HERE} to find a store near you! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

DIY Stamped Gift Bags & A Belated Father's Day Recap

Clearly behind on my blog posts, I wanted to share our Father's Day celebration back in June with you because I was so proud of the way my gift bags turned out! That and I have some really cute family pictures from the brunch.

For the three Dads in my life - my husband, Mike, my step-father, Mike, and my father-in-law, Frank, I had fun shopping for some of their favorite things, sudoku, crossword puzzles, books and the like! The kids and I decorated blank white gift bags to make the gift extra special (and provide some crafty, kids activity!)

I used PSA Esssentials Peanuts Flying Ace Peel & Stick Stamp pack to create adorable stamped bags. You can do this with any stamp set to match your theme or occasion. (Whimsy Cakes works great for Birthday Bags! Or try a number from PSA Vanilla Number Set for the age of the person's birthday party you are attending.)

Not to sound too salesy but note that our stamps with the PSA Essentials stamper really make crisp and clean impressions.  This really is because of the self-inking PSA stamper.

I went with a patriotic red, white and blue theme...

I scored some beautiful Papyrus cards from Target.  Since I was hand delivering and not mailing them, I could use my monogram stamp instead of my address stamp.  This is the Antique Cipher style.  Check out the cards!

Of course, Connor had to write a note...

Here we are celebrating at my parents house on Father's Day! I am beyond blessed that we get to celebrate ALL together. My in-laws and my parents are very good friends. No picking and choosing. We get the best of both worlds. I feel incredibly lucky.

Here's to three of the best Dads in the world and all those wonderful Dad's out there reading this. Happy very belated Father's Day! (Feel free to shout, it's AUGUST, Libby! I know, I know... I am really behind...)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lemonade Stand

The Oriental Trading Company catalog gets me every time. They really have my number! A few weeks ago, I received a summer catalog that contained 2 whole pages of a lemonade stand party. This was how the idea of a O'Regan lemonade stand was born. The sparkly marketing of that catalog and also that my daughter, Molly, has been saving for a Barbie Dream House since the beginning of the summer. We required that she choose a charity and donate half of the earnings to that charity.  With guidance, she choose to support hungry children so we are making a donation to Feed America.

Like all parties or events with my kids, we do a lot of prep activities to support the event.  We worked on painting a sign, assembling fans (because holy cow, it was a REALLY hot day!), making lemon cookies, wrapping some store-bought lemon loaf, practicing with our cash registers and making change for customers, and making some decorations.  You know we incorporated PSA Essentials Peel & Stick Stamps into the mix, too!

We only had about 4 actual neighborhood customers but are thankful for sweet friends and family, The Bradfords, Eccles, Yaccos, Golsons, and Evanisko's for coming by to support the cause.  What fun! Here's a photo recap of the O'Regan Lemonade Stand!

(Please excuse my son in underwear, honestly, at least he has undies on. He mostly likes to run around naked... yikes!) 

Mike was so happy with me and having to put together the Lemonade Stand I purchased from Oriental Trading Company.  I honestly had no idea so much assembly was required.

So nice of the Eccles boys and Parker to come help out! (I had to get Parker a special apron, too. Love that little girl!)

What an awesome afternoon! Thanks again to our friends who were able to support the cause and join the fun.